How to take proper care of skate blades

Players often overlook some basic care concepts of their skate blades. We have listed some basic ways you can take care of your skate blades and ensure that the steel lasts longer.

After every skate, wipe down the blades before putting them away in your bag.

This ensures that your skates will not get rust on the bottom from the remaining water on the blade.

Cover your blades after use and preferably with terry cloth guards

When covering your blades it helps protect your sharpening. It also helps protect your gear too. It will prevent your skate blades from cutting other equipment. The material your guards are important as well. The plastic guards are good but still can keep moisture. They don’t absorb moisture or allow the blade to “breathe”. This is where the Terry cloth guards are good. The cloth absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the blade.

When you get home, take your skates out of your bag.

This is an important one that some people miss. Letting your skates (and other equipment) out allows them to completely dry. In addition to taking your skates out, it is important to take the skate guards off. Some people even take the insoles out! This allows for the full skate to dry. If you take the insoles out, that allows the moisture that gets beneath to dry out as well

Get proper sharpening often

Getting proper sharpening help take care of your blade. (Read more here on when to get skates sharpened). It helps maintain your edges. It also helps get knicks out of the blade and makes sure you have a proper edge.

Keep a wet stone or a re-edger in your bag.

Keeping a stone in your bag can help take care of small knicks in the blade especially when you can’t make it to a pro shop to get a proper sharpening.