We sharpen by hand because...
machines don't care, but we do

Who is Upper Edge?

Upper Edge Hockey is a small hockey skate sharpening shop in Madison, Wisconsin,  that features a "traditional" sharpening. Most rinks and pro shops are going to automatic machines, we don't believe that they do as good of a job as a traditional machine.

We have over 8 years of experience in skate sharpening and in the hockey industry. We have serviced skates from professional players to small children getting their first pair and everything in between.

Player using hockey tape to tape his stick

What every hockey player needs...

Over the past few months, customers have asked us to be able to provide more items. We are now able to offer something else every player needs ... tape!

We sell tape in small bulk quantities from a simple 3 pack to a full box of 20. (If you need more happy to help just contact us)